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More pictures of students from West Lee completing their Earth Day project!

West Lee Middle School students participated in the 2008 Earth Day Groceries Project. Many thanks to Lowe's Food in Sanford for contributing blank brown grocery bags for students to decorate! Students have used lots of creativity to create more than 1700 grocery bags!

The Earth Day Groceries Project is an activity that promotes environmental awareness in a school and its community. It is a free activity that thousands of schools around the world will be involved in on Earth Day, April 22, 2008. The basic idea is this: a school obtains large paper grocery bags from a local grocery store, students at the school decorate the bags with colorful environmental messages, the bags are returned to the store, and the store hands them out (filled with groceries) to shoppers on Earth Day. The people in our neighborhood will get a very clear and positive message that the students at our school care about their environment.

This is the fourteenth year this international educational effort has been coordinated on the Internet. Please see the project website at Earth Day Bagsfor complete information. A report from our school will be added to the website, so others will know about our efforts at our school. This is one of the largest and most well established educational projects on the Internet. It is a nonprofit, grassroots effort. The project started in 1994 with 43 schools reporting the decoration and distribution of 13,000 Earth Day Grocery Bags. In 1999, the number of schools reporting in reached nearly 1,200 with students decorating almost 400,000 Earth Day Grocery Bags! Every report from all the previous years is on the website. There are also thousands of pictures of schools from around the world involved in this project.

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