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  • Glogster is also a perfect web 2.0 tool for student learning and classroom instruction.
  • Glogster provides student an online resource for creating "posters" when displaying a specific topic, person or event.
  • Glogsters allow students to mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into visual displays for others to view.

How Can I Use a Glogster?Glogster-Tutorial

Click on the links listed below and view the Glogsters our classes created about the Civil Rights Movement!

6th Grade

Fred Shuttleworth by Yakeisha Allen
Ruby Bridges by Royal Atkinson
Malcolm X by Jamiel Armstrong
4 Young Girls-Bombing at Church by Sydney Blum
Kenneth B. Clark by Cameron Brown
Nat Turner by Luis Gonzalez
Rosa Parks by Matt Hamilton
Orangeburg Massacre by Tyler Holder
John F. Kennedy by Davis Holt
Thurgood Marshall by Zackary Maxwell
Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Maggie Ann Smith
Benjamin F. Muhammad by Brandon Beineke
President Abraham Lincoln by Taheisha Bethea
Emmett Till by Jasmine Brown
President Johnson by Myliegha Currie
Voting Rights Act of 1965 by Sergio Gomez
Ella Baker by Zoey Highberger
Freedom Riders by Tyler Hunt
Myriel Evers Willames by Braxton Johnson
James Meredith by Stephanie Le
Martin Luther King Jr. by Kiana Molina
Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Desmond Raeford
NAACP by Daniel Ramirez and Jose Rodriguez

7th Grade

Whitney Moore Young by Taylor Austin
President Eisenhower by Santiago Hernandez
Poor People Campaigns by Jesus Martinez
Little Rock Nine by Caleb McVey
Ku Klux Klan by Thomas Miller
Plessy vs. Ferguson by Taylor Rosser
Stokely Carmicheal by Elisa Staton
Greensboro Sit-Ins by Autumn Williams
Roy Innis by Kamilah Bryant
Ruby Bridges by Jennyfer Castaneda
John R. Lewis by Amanda Hase
W.E.B. Du Bois by Charles Hill
Charles Kenzie Steele by Daniel Koenig
Bloody Sunday at Pettus Bridge by Phillip Morie
Bayard Rustin by Veronica Nunez
Ralph Abernathy by Noel Rincon
Julian Bond by Alex Swoope
Moorfield Storey by Sean Wright

8th Grade

Brown vs. Board of Education by Aaron Douglas
John F. Kennedy by Kamaria Hooker
Roy Wilkins by Nadine L'Heurex
Voting Rights Act of 1965 by Kiana McIntyre
Kenneth B. Clark by Jonathan Ponicano
Pettus Bridge by Brian Stryffeler
Abraham Lincoln by Amy Tucker
Daisy Bates by Simone Williams
Ella Baker by Alex Scott
Myrile Evers Williams by Elijah Bethea
James Meredith by Elizabeth Gay
James Farmer by Brodie McCarthy
Jim Crow Laws by Marisol Peralta
Ralph Abernathy by Alexse Street
Mary Church Terrell by Catherine Utley
Emmett Till by Monica Valazquez-Sanchez
Martin Luther King Jr. by Brandy Yarborough
Rosa Parks by Grisel Zamora
President Lyndon B. Johnson by Harris Ray